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Generate a lifetime supply of natural gas without very toxic and life threatening fracking.


There is a much easier, cheaper and environmentally friendly way to produce natural gas from water without poisoning our water supply with very toxic fracking chemicals. No toxic sulfuric acid chemicals whatsoever are required. No drilling is required. No earthquakes are induced. No poisonous evaporation ponds are ever created. Natural gas can be produced at home using electrolysis. Electrolysis of water produces ultra clean hydrogen gas fuel using no toxic chemicals whatsoever and very little energy.

Unlike shale (dirt) fracking, electrolysis of water creates no pollution – doesn’t contaminate the water, the land or the air. Unlike dirt fracking, electrolysis of water doesn’t trigger earthquakes nor poison our finite supply of drinking water. Anyone can make their own natural gas using electrolysis.

The natural gas known as hydrogen can be generated from water – tap water, sea water, drain water, dish water, any water. Water (H2O) can easily be split (fissioned) into zero emission hydrogen gas using a simple method called electrolysis.

Video created by the editor of frenergy, Paul W Kincaid, in 2006 demonstrating electrolysis of water. Just 4.5 volts was used to split water (fission) into its hydrogen and oxygen gas. No heat is applied to split the bond between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

In electrolysis of water a very small electrical current is passed between electrodes submerged in water. Natural gas production from electrolysis of water will begin with a minimum of 1.2 volts and will increase in rate as the voltage is increased. Hydrogen gas accumulates at the cathode (negative electrode) and oxygen gas at the anode (positive electrode).

Sources of electrical current that can be used in the electrolysis of water – car battery (12 volts), solar panel (5-15 watts), flashlight battery (1.5 volts), cell phone battery (3.7 volts).

12 volts (just 10% or 1/10 the electrical power needed to power the toxic fluorescent lights which requires 120 volts to operate) would produce more than enough hydrogen gas fuel to power a gas combustion engine like a portable electrical power generator. The hydrogen gas from water can also be used to fuel gas stoves, gas fireplaces, gas barbecues and gas home heating furnaces.

A hydrogen gas fuel cell can be mass produced for under $100. For home applications 12 volts is all that you need to produce natural gas from dish water, drain water, tap water or collected rain water. 12 volt power supplies are already mass produced and sold at major department stores like Canadian Tire, Walmart, or Home Depot. You can make your own using mass produced store bought containers and electrical supplies. How? Just Google “electrolysis of water” or “hydrogen fuel cells” or Stanley Myers. Stanley Myers powered a dune buggy on water alone. A Japanese company Genepax did the same thing in 2008 – ran a car on nothing but water.

Today Japan is producing hydrogen fueled cars – the Honda FCX Clarity. Combine the technology of Genepax with the technology of the Honda FCX Clarity and you have a full production vehicle that uses no gasoline. No gasoline combustion means zero emissions. Zero emissions means no smog, no more respiratory disease and no global warming hoax.

The best water to use to produce hydrogen gas using electrolysis of water is sea water. Water covers 70.9% of the Earth’s surface. Oceans hold 97% of surface water. Out of all the water on Earth, only 2.75 percent is fresh water, including 2.05 percent frozen in glaciers, 0.68 percent as groundwater and 0.011 percent of it as surface water in lakes and rivers. That means as much as 97% of the water on Earth is sea (salt) water and is available to us to use as a fuel source for a very, very long time.

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